Cool Touch Pillow

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Cool Touch Pillow

Love the cool side of your pillow, but fed up of having to constantly turn it over? Then our Cool Touch Pillow is the perfect solution.

Cool Touch is a revolution in pillow design, combining British & German engineering to keep you cool, thanks to a unique phase-change material core, which absorbs, stores & disperses heat into the atmosphere as required.

A blend of Smartfil®Clusters and ProCool® fibres, this cooling pillow disperses heat and moisture, leaving it cool all night long. Featuring a phase-changing material core, the Cool Touch pillow has a powerful storage capacity for absorbing heat, only allowing a slow release of heat when the source is at its optimum cool level.

ProCool® also helps to wick away moisture, contributing to this cooling effect and creating the perfect micro-climate for a restful night’s sleep.

Product Highlights


  • Smartfil®Clusters, blended with 20% ProCool® fibres
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Absorbs excess body heat through the fibres and disperses.
  • 3 times more effective at storing & releasing heat
  • Medium soft support
  • Non allergenic
  • Washable at 60°C